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Talk with G-d





When you Pray;


  Shut Out !

"Quietly but intentionally, in your Mind"

    The Cares of This Life 

The Deceitfulness of Riches

The Lust of Other Things

and lastly, those

 "Feelings" of Obligatory

'Religious Marketplace' brand-name rules and burdens,  from within the 'Religious Marketplace Protocol';  The  heated, prickly, doctrine briers - you 'think' you need to correctly talk and ponder your heart before G-d. (Their is no need for them)

Cut off the 'Middle Man" -  (religion) - The Religious Marketplace Broker; and lay it before the feet of Yahshua.


And Drag  All those thoughts to the recycle bin, and Then Delete them !


Now - Just You . . .
'One in One' with G-d. When you do pray ; while you are praying,
Be spiritually honest with God... God will be spiritually honest with you.
It's called Holy Integrity !

The real sanctuary of the church  (the ecclesia)  is inside of  " you".   All the true blue  believers are there 24/7  . . .   (all the time )  . . .  ( Yahshua,  the prophets, other believers  . . .  They're not dead, or gone away . . .  they are there too. )   Using  your own words  quietly,   or silently   or  speaking softly under your breath in "Tongues",  make for good supping in
 "The Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit - in Power"
Pray from the inward 'wisdom' of your heart, soul and your spirit . . . not from superficial mortal 'religious'  head knowledge that is lodged in your brain.
And Pray like a little 'child' - and 'you' WILL hear back  !


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