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Just For Believers



The Holy Spirit is:  The life changing teacher  and  guide  that  is from, and of  'the Kingdom of God':  our advocate!


 The  majority  of  humans  (mortals)  all  over  this  earth;  from  all   countries  talk  to   God  .  .  . They   'all'  call  it  praying.

 That  is   religion.

There  is  a  weightier   milestone  . . .  that  'weightier measure'   is  having  god  talk  - in  return -   to  you.   and  is  exactly  the  promise  Yahshua  consummated  between  you  and  god  (our  father  in  heaven)  by  the  spiritual  law  he  fulfilled  when  he  came  here  to  planet  earth.

and   for  those  who  trust  and  respect  Yahshua's  true  purpose  of   making  that  truth   happen.

 that  is  god's  promise . . . TO YOU


That  return  discourse  from  god to 'you'  is  never  about  worldly,  jaundiced,  unspiritual  kinds  of   stuff.  It's never 'long-winded' or 'wordy' ; He can say more to 'you' in  a  few words than  a mortal can say in a book full of words.


sometimes  it's   Direct;  (hearing G-d  'just'  as audibly  in the hearing in your spirit - as you  would with your  natural  bodily ears )  sometimes it's indirect;  usually  it's  intuitively   holy  -  in  other  words  ;  the understanding  wasn't  there;  no- one  else  told  you  about  it  and  spontaneously  the  understanding   is  just  there.


It  is  always  about  your  own  personal  intimate ,  and  well - mannered  trust  and  understanding  with   Him  in  his  kingdom,  and  what  your  future  with  'him'  will  develop   like.



you are  reading the  'bible' and nibbling on  other  pseudo-podium  books


down  inside  your  own  soul, you  really  do Know  that   this  studying  is not honestly,  in any way,  comparable  to  an "actual"  relationship with 'God' himself; but more like snacking  on  the leftovers that have been passed down  by others

 (who have already  supped  on them) 

hoping  that you'll find  'something' that you might have previously   missed that will help you fulfill your own hunger for that  'real'  relationship with god  for yourself;


 maybe you're  hoping that god will see you scavenging for him and have pity on you and  give you a break by showing himself to you personally . . .  because you  really  do want  to have that  'real relationship'  with  him . . .  'yourself' . . .  but you  just  can't  genuinely  figure  out how to get it to become " as genuine" as  what you  honestly  grasp  in  your  own  soul  that  it should  be.


instead, you just recommend those leftovers  (by name)  to others  and you continue searching for other leftovers that just  might work for you.   by doing so you are doing nothing more than receiving those  who 'really' are just coming in their 'own' name and honoring those who honor one another:   because they honor   each  others  works.



( the scribes, and the Pharisees  studied scripture endlessly and they also  prayed  as though  they really  knew  god ! )

 today in these times those titles still exist;  even though we've tried to hide it by re-branding them 'theologians' and 'clergyinstead:  This thing called 'clergy' are those who like to mimic and pass on that theoligical leaven to others.

They continually search the scriptures;  and ecclesiastical  writings; for in them they think they have  the  answers to  eternal life:  and the scriptures are the very thing which testify of Yahshua's  "real  purpose"  yet, they will not come to  "only  yahshua  Himself" , that they might have life. 

Yahshua  does not  receive  honor  from  men  who just study writings  about him;  pray  breezy  prayers at him;  and then  teach  as  though  they  really  'know'  him;   But yahshua  knows  men's  hearts; and knows when  men  do  not  have the  'holy integrity'  or   understanding  of that Love for God within  their  hearts.  "yahshua" came in our Father's name, yet, they still  don't  understand  "His real purpose" :   if another comes in his own name,  him they do receive.  How can they believe those which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor that comes from God  (our Father)  only?

  . . . They still miss it today . . . it  does not work that way . . .

 neither  the  bible,  nor the  scriptures  or  commentaries  about them  by ecclesiastical  mortals   are   ever  a   'substitute'   for  the  'holy' instruction  of  the   'Holy'   Spirit  that  our  father  has sent to us who believe !

it's not that the 'scriptures don't have value; they do have their own value;

they do point to yahshua.

But;  that is also; exactly why Jesus  (Yahshua)  said

 'you' search the scriptures;  for in them 'you think' you have eternal life: they are they which testify of 'me'.Yet,  'you' will not come to (just) 'me' that 'you' might have life.

 I receive not honor from men. 

 But I know 'you', that 'you' have not the love of God in 'you' . 


The 'Holy Spirit, (The Spirit of Truth) is Current; and is Living.

The 'Bible' (the written word ) is Historic, Static. and latent.

The Holy Ghost 'is' the greater teacher.


If you can receive it ...

 The book that has notably become known as the 'Bible' itself ; 

(Because of it's 'Paulinian Liturgical Epistles',  frankly shines the 'spot-light' of 
 ~ Pauline Christianity ~ 
as the 'illuminating filter'
 of the 'The Gospel itself ' by it's own brand name  'flash-light'
 (and it is 'stealthy' and it is 'sneaky') 

As '' John the Baptist, 'if you can receive it' was Elijah the prophet 
What if?
Saul of Tarsus? 'if you can receive it' ? was Judas Iscariot? 

Paul could have spent 'much' time with Jesus; and known the other disciples well. This is not referring to 'His' road to Damascus, 'beam of light and voice experience'. It is about the years He could have spent with all of them together; prior to that. 

The one, who after his death went to his 'own place' . . . the one who has always held the 'purse strings'; and loved managing and manipulating the money the purse held. 

I do not say this in bitterness or for the purpose of offending anyone . . . it is what it is . . . His name is actually on the lips of believers more that that of our 'Messiah' as are his teachings. As 'Judas' he was revealed just before Jesus personal time of trouble, and as Paul, he could also be revealed just before the world's time of trouble, 

The 11 other disciples sat and broke bread with Him at the 'Last Supper' and didn't suspect him either.


The 'Bible' is just not a divine personality that is Equal to the Teaching of the Holy Ghost (G-d's  Own Spirit) , given by Yahshua  thru our Father in Heaven, that comes from within our inward parts.
The 'words' of  Yahshua  are the 'greatest ' and 'weightiest' words!
 Hold and Respect Them.
The ones written in 'Red Letters')

 God,  our father  put the regulations of  "his new  covenantwithin  us;  in our  inward  parts  (our soul and our spirit)  and wrote it in our heart; Not on stones,  animal skins,  parchment, or sheets of paper,  bound within  book covers.

circumcise your heart . . cut off that "unspiritual"  worldly,  religious  MARKETPLACE   binding  and  it's  cover;  and  look  to  see  what  god  wrote  in  "your"   heart  "himself";  THe  "holy spiritwill show  "you what  it means!

God, (Our father) is 'spirit' and is  truth

and the 'new covenant' is too!

Our Father  simply wants to teach

  "you yourself" .  .  .  "himself

within the realm of that  'invisibleand   'holy'   spirit .


g-d's  "own  spirit"  is the  invisible  'connection'  ('the teacher') & (the power) for that relationship.',

 (  when  you  feel the need you have to read something)

'read the written words of yahshua,  ( the ones in red letters )   it will keep us

where we need to be.

  spend those 'sabbaths' with Yahshua  while waiting for his  return and looking forward to being  kept  from the time of trouble that is coming upon the whole world !


make a quality  effort to spend  a Sabbath with the 'Sabbath'  (yahshua himself). . .   Yes, a whole 24/hour  day, each and every week

When you do this, you will find your life will easily become a witness  for him.

   that  is the Holy  Of Holies  connection ! -

  and you can do  this  in your  own  silent - quiet  spot  or  spots   - or -  in the corner of that special place under  your  roof

(your own 'inner room' / your hiding place)

  seeking God's  closeness, and revisiting those 'first love' moments you've had with god himself.

(Just make it happen)

 (  and  this  includes  things  like : talking,  praying,  listening,  pondering , contemplating, mulling over your own  hearts  wisdom and learning to  master   'your  Admiration'  for   what the holy spirit  teaches  and  guides    'you'  in  from  God  )

there  is  nothing wrong  with  taking  some  'nap  times'  during  that  'sabbath'  -  he  can  and  does   speak  to  you  during  that  time  also. 

   learning  'to  discern'  what the Holy spirit  is showing you about  how  to  respond  to  'God Himself'  correctly,   wait on  it  and  look  for  it  to  happen because it will !

G-d’s teacher was not intended to be man (mortals). G-d’s rules are ‘living’ – not – mortal latent rules. G-d’s ‘teacher’ lives in your soul, not in your brain . . . The bread that comes down from Heaven goes in the gut of your belly, (your bread basket);  not in the structured thought of the brain and conscience. Instead, it needs to grow in the holy soil inside of you – like  pure and I do mean ‘pure holy instinct’ from within your own belly ‘;

 that is ‘wisdom’; heartfelt ~ unthinking, ~ deep-seated ~ inner intimacy with G-d.

This  is  a  very  important   part  of  what  worshipping  god  is  all  about.

  and  don't  worry  about  messing  up.  the holy  ghost  is totally capable and  powerful enough to  correct  'you'  . . . the holy spirit 'is' the teacher  sent to  'you'  by  yahshua  and  our  father,   and  'will'  both  correct  and  warn  'you'  personally  when  you   err !  and You'll know  it  when  that Happens !  Just one  example could  be  in  your  dreams  during  the  night,  sometimes  visions,  etc.    there are  many  other  ways  too,  and  you  will  learn them as you continue on !  The Holy Spirit will  also  show   'you'  the  next  step.   this  all  happens  inside  'you' .


Don't  even  begin  to  think that you  are  the  one  to   tell  the  holy  spirit  what  you  need  to   be  taught 

 . . . the   holy  spirit  is  the  teacher and guide . . . 

 and  will  set  the  teaching  agenda  and  guide  you accordingly.     you  are  not  the  holy  spirit' supervisor !


 its   o.k., that's  how  it  works

( and  that's  a  good  thing! )

It  is  all  part  of  'holy integrity'  toward  our  "Father"


spend the remaining time  with  'mostly' ,  and  i  really  do  mean  mostly,

again, this is if you  really  feel  the need that you  must  read  something .

The red -lettered words  of  yahshua  Himself !

 break  up the time during the week as  it best  fits your life or  do  it as  a  genuine sabbath.

just  do  it. . .   give  it  your  best  effort

continually !

and  don't  rush  it,  this  is  not a race,   it's  how  we should  desire  to   live.


and don't be surprised when you find you are not so welcome at some places anymore.  It happened to yahshua too !

yahshua  and his gift thru God, to us,  (the Holy spirit - with power -)  are the “ Keys" of the Kingdom of Heaven


Our Father Said :

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt;

 'I '  will put 'My' law; (my rules) , (my own understanding)  :  ( it's the same law that  ' He'  gave  to Moses , except it's the ' Spirit of the law  version '  instead of the  ' Letter of the law version'  ) in  THEIR  inward parts, and write it in  THEIR  hearts; and will be  THEIR  God, and  THEY  shall be my people.

 And  THEY  shall Teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for  THEY  shall  ALL  know me,

 from the least of   THEM   to the greatest of   THEM,   said the LORD: for I will forgive  THEIR  iniquity,


I will remember   THEIR  sins no more.


( This is what the new covenant is all about !  Yahshua is the Messiah  that  'implemented'  this new covenant and made it so that 'you' are  no  longer  'bridled'  to what  some  ecclesiastical mortal  Relentlessly teaches  about   what  they  rationalize God  means  by  something  that is just written on paper! )

  Think of it more like it's " A Gentleman's Word of Honor style of  Agreement" with G-d, instead of a bible lecture liability kind of relationship.


Why is it 'greater' to perceive it more like a 'Gentleman's Word of Honor style of Agreement with God' ?
Because that is what turns it into a warm and 'heart-felt' promise; A promise that is sealed by mutual 'respect' and 'trust'. . .

Between 'you' and G-d 'Himself ' . . .  unlike a 'religious' courtroom paper contract 'attitude' that is frankly 'cold-hearted'; made dependable only because of the possibility of 'mistrust' regardless of 'respect', or 'dignity', and usually kind of carries a  'whiff' of 'disdain' and contemptuous 'uncertainty'.


'You' are no longer bridled by what humans Teach  about God; other than the Actual  Gospel Story Itself !

 The Holy Spirit. [our "Fathers Spirit"]  \ 'The Breath of  Yahshua  teaches 'You'  the rest of all things, and recalls what  'He Himself' says, to 'You'  personally ! 

yahshua also said " neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me."

The Holy Spirit is: The trusted  “  Inn keeper ”  Whom yahshua left us in the care of until His return.


For the "First time" in the history of mortal man, (G-d's  Own Spirit) The Holy Spirit was put in the position of being G-d's chosen Teacher and Guide

(Our Personal Trainer)

 for those who believe in Him; instead of a 'mortal priesthood'

yahshua is the 'ONE' who made this possible by the works He did here on planet earth. That is why yahshua is the "Messiah".

"And That Is The Gospel that yahshua asked the disciples to spread to the ends of the world."



  you shouldn't  say you believe the Holy Spirit is the one capable of  supporting  your intimacy with God, and then 'practice' running off to someone, or some other venue, to get that intimate security with God double checked on by some mortal.   That  'practice' is  replacing your intimacy with the Holy Spirit with something else, and there seems to be a line hidden in there, that, if crossed, that could put you in the category of the “ five unwise virgins ” in the parable of the Ten Virgins.


 . . .AND . . .







AND  don't respect YAHSHUA'S  spoken words about who REALLY guides them.





The 'KIngdom of God' is not down here or over there . . . It is inside 'you' .

 Think about it.


The Holy Spirit is:  The One whose merchandise is better than silver or gold, and more precious than rubies: 

God's Gift thru yahshua to us.


  I was almost in all evil in the midst of the

congregation and assembly


You Never see  "even  ONE  time" ... yahshua ... calling  anyone ...yes, anyone ... with  a : "TITLE" OF PASTOR ... Period.


Pastor is not a  "Title"  of  "position of teaching".  It is a protective Function,.....watching for the bad guys, keeping the wolves in sheep's clothing away.  ( spiritual bodyguards )

Again ... shepherds do not! .... do not!  stand in front of the sheep, and preach to them......

real shepherds graze sheep;   not preach to them!   real shepherds lead the sheep to food that has already  both  been  prepared & planted  by  god "Himself" and  freely  provided  by  god  " himself". 

I know you can understand this. Their function is to warn you of the enemy when they see you are in danger, and to stop the bad guy. That is what the function of a True Shepherd is .


....NOT  ....



Remember, sheep are led to be dipped !

Cattle are branded and driven to the  marketplace !

think about it !


You could also be in a position  for right now, where you cannot seem to find others who really love God with all their heart to meet with.  That's OK .  You have your relationship with God, with yahshua, and with the Holy Spirit.  Remember that we are scattered all over this world right now.  The getting  together with others is not more important than your relationship with God, the joining together of his body will happen . . . so don't let it become your master and spoil your intimacy with God. Keep the word of "his patience"

Consider the ant, . Watch  its  ways, and become wise.

Although it has no (visible) overseer, officer, or ruler,

 in summertime it stores its food supply. At harvest time it gathers its food

Cut off the 'Middle Man" -  (religion) - The Religious Marketplace Broker; and lay it before the feet of Yahshua.

  and spit out  'all'  those heated, prickly,  doctrine briers( yes 'all'  of them )   they  have put in your mouth that want to stick to your lips, then you'll be able to  'start fresh  with g-d  himself.

These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is pointless, because their teachings are rules made by humans. (religious man-devised gimmicks; contraptions = called 'doctrines')

(which seem to be at heart; not  much more than  just 'copycats' of the 'knowledge of good and evil.

 The only 'exception' is the Actual Gospel Story itself !

( in other words, do what they say, don't do what they DO! )

The Holy Ghost Does not function as a ' Clergy Picker ' ,


 functions  'in power'  by indwelling and teaching those who  'trust and  respect'  God's  only  begotten  Son !




   yahshua, the son of God sayS:

woe to  you  scribes,   pharisees ,  doctors of the law,  ( man  appointed  clergymen )   you are  snakes,  serpents,  and vipers;  whited sepulcurs , which  indeed appear beautiful outside,  but inside are full  of  dead  mens  bones.


 your  'father'  is  the  devil  himself

not only  do you  not  enter  the  kingdom  of  God  yourself ,   but 'you'   block  others  from  entering   in !

repent, the  kingdom  of  god  is  at  hand !


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