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God Help Me




The Truth is really very sincere.  'Marketplace religion'  has turned the clarity of the Gospel into a muddy water that makes it's truth  and purpose unclear, along with it's 'closet' speed-bumps .  Unless we examine our own hearts about what we've been told by organized religion  it can get kind of deceptive and fool us.  The Truth was never meant to be that way. After all, the thing we really need is to restore our own personal and 'direct' oversight from G-d in our life, and our continual daily intimacy, and "Holy Integrity"  with God Himself.   

 Not taking 'His Name' in vain; by thinking you can just use 'His Name' cunningly (either before God Himself, or other humans) or for your own spiritual image; or use it as the 'safety net' just in case your Robin  Hood   'Marketplace Religion  church  Choice'  which you denominate 'Him' with, ends up missing the boat.

You can not take His Name,  

 ( compare it to taking 'His Name' in a pure, true blue, holy marriage )

  and go about doing your own things separate from "Him",  just in order to fall back on trying to use 'Him', or use 'His Name' when you 'think' you need it to get yourself out of  a jam, or satisfy an impulsive motive or need.

 If you think this is how it works !  It will eventually fail before your very eyes.

This does nothing but make God look just  like a 'sugar daddy' who will bail you out when you feel trampled on.

It's just not acceptable.

God is not impressed with human 'Religious Marketplace' gluttony,

or with the human 'religious makeup' you think you need to put on.

 And 'He' will, and does notice

it's cunning  'come hither'  appearance and  it's  "I need to use you"  glimmer !

Even if you try to cover it up !

 His yoke is easy and his burden is light. (in other words, it's pretty simple.) so let's not complicate it, OK?

(You believe in God, believe also in Yahshua; His Son.)


Here's how " God's Help"  can happen to 'you' :


"You" hear about Yahshua.

 Most of us already have, but if you haven't , He is God's Son whom God sent us to do what was necessary to make sure that our sins and foolish mistakes are forgiven so 'you' can receive the Holy Spirit (God-s' own Spirit) with Power.

(Our Fathers Spirit; to be "your" Teacher and guide.) 

 ( Yahshua is that Messiah! )

This is what the 'Gospel Story'  gives light to.

 "You"  'Believe in/on Yahshua' .

 (Hearing about Yahshua and Believing in Yahshua are not really the same thing are they?)  Believing in him really means that you believe and trust  ( Just like an innocent child would )  that what he went thru on planet earth accomplished what was necessary to make sure our stupidity and iniquity are forgiven, and to put 'you' in the position to be able to Receive the Holy Spirit - with Power; who He would ask our Father to send to those who believe . 

This is where 'our' own personal (and it is quite personal) verdict of believing or not believing that Gospel story happens.


For the "First time" in the history of mortal man, (G-d's own Spirit) The Holy Spirit was put in the position of being G-d's chosen Teacher and Guide

(Our Personal Trainer)

 for those who believe in Him; instead of a 'mortal priesthood'.

Yahshua is the 'ONE' who made this possible by the works He did here on planet earth. That is why Yahshua is the "Messiah".

"And That Is The Gospel  that Yahshua asked the disciples to spread to the ends of the world."



 "You" just ask God ' Himself ' authentically and wholly to receive 'His Holy Spirit' in your 'soul'.  

(After all, this is what the end purpose of  Yahshua on the cross was for.) You simply couldn't receive the HOLY SPIRIT without the requirements being fulfilled first.   Yahshua  fulfilled those requirements. He is our Head; our Messiah. Jesus made it possible for God's Spirit to be put in your own 'soul', and 'His Law' written on our 'heart'. ( and that law is not the same law as the knowledge of good and evil - law / rules) so that 'you' would no longer be bound to being taught by humans, about the Kingdom of God.

  ( This is what the new covenant is all about !  Yahshua is the Messiah  that  'implemented'  this new 'unquestionable' promise from G-d and made it so that 'you' are  no  longer  'bridled'  to what  some  ecclesiastical mortal  Relentlessly teaches about what they rationalize God  means by something that is just written on paper! )  Yahshua made it 'new' so that We are no longer 'bridled'  to what  humans would teach about  God ; other than the Gospel Story Itself !  

The Holy Spirit.   [our "Fathers Spirit" ]   \   ['The Breath of Yahshua']   teaches us the rest of all things, and recalls, cites,


'shines' His light in our soul which awakens us to what  'Yahshua'  Himself' says, to us personally !

So do what He says about 'totally trusting' God's Holy Spirit to teach and guide you.

(  Just like an innocent child would )

"You" Trust and respect the Holy Spirit with your whole heart.

Totally trusting someone is what love is all about!

 ( Don't  ' practiceblasphemy of the Holy Spirit.)   (This is the only unforgivable sin. )

In other words, don't say you believe the Holy Spirit is the one capable of 'teaching you, and  supporting  your  intimacy; and direct 'oversight from God Himself', and  then be running off to some other venue  to get that intimate teaching 'double checked' on by some pharisaical mortal . . . and don't replace, mingle,  or intermix the teaching 'you' receive from the Holy Spirit with that of  'Marketplace religion' ! . . . Just "Don't Do It !


 The 'Kingdom of God' is not down here or over there . . . It is designed to direct and guide you from inside "your own soul" .

 Understand this.


Share with others ( those who will receive it )  "The Gospel Story itself"   'and confine it to that arena'

 . . .And don't try to teach them what the Holy Spirit is showing to you in private . . .

  (That's Personal - between you 'yourself; and God 'Himself' - and not intended for you to instruct anyone else with)

 . . . Let others learn and be guided by the Holy Spirit Themselves so it will continue to be personal 'oversight and guidance' Between themselves and God, the same way . . .

(Trust in this, just like an innocent child would)

Pretty simple isn't it. The Holy Spirit will give  " you"  your own personal  teaching, guidance and take care of your real needs until Jesus comes to keep us from the time of Trouble that is coming upon this world, and to take us  to be with Him. The Holy Spirit will teach and guide you in all things. Our Lord,  Yahshua), is the One who came to this earth and shed his blood, was crucified , resurrected, and made sure the Holy Spirit Baptism was given to those who believe in Him. He is our Head, our Lord, the Messiah, the King of Kings.

After all, it is written: 'My' yoke is easy and 'my' burden is 'light'.

We are to preach (circulate) the Gospel Story, what is the Gospel?

It's the greatest story ever told; the story of how God provided redemption for those who would receive it.

 The simplest review about it is:

For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever 'Believed in Him' would receive eternal life. God sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world. Those who 'Believe in Him' won't be condemned. But those who don't believe are already condemned because they don't believe in God's only Son. That is why people are condemned:


 Think of it more like it's " A Gentleman's Word of Honor style of Agreement" with G-d, instead of a bible lecture liability kind of  relationship.

Why is it 'greater' to  perceive it  more  like a Gentleman's  'Word of Honor style'  of Agreement with God' ?
Because that is what turns it into a warm and 'heart-felt' promise; A promise that is sealed by mutual 'respect' and 'trust'. . . Between 'you' and G-d "Himself ' . . . unlike a  courtroom  'paper contract frame of mind'  that is frankly 'cold-hearted'; made dependable only because of the possibility of 'mistrust' regardless of  'respect', or 'dignity', and always carry's a 'whiff' of 'disdain' and contemptuous 'uncertainty'.



Consider the ant, . Watch its ways, and become wise.

Although it has no (visible) overseer, officer, or ruler,

 in summertime it stores its food supply. At harvest time it gathers its food


The Holy Ghost - with Power - Does not function as a  ' Clergy Picker ' ,


 instead, functions 'in power' by indwelling, Guiding  and Teaching  those who  'Trust and Respect ' only God's only begotten Son ! (from within their own 'soul'.)


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